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Strategic corporate coommunication

The objectives of a given company are often reflected in its communications: new products, the recruitment of new employees, new topics and much more. The in-depth analysis provided by WortFreunde will show you new ways in which corporate communication can support these objectives. In close co-operation with management and key employees, we will look for the most important messages, topics and aspects regarding the company as a whole. Messages that clearly convey the company’s specific objectives, giving them a face and a voice and making the company realizeable.

All concepts are based on the fundamental idea of what will best suit the nature and objectives of the company in question. The strategic communication of a company must orientate its corporate identity and language.

We always work together with our clients to find the right language and approaches to guarantee successful communication.

International communication for empoyees

How to communicate efficiently and on-target with your global teams.

Most managers claim that their employees are the company’s most valuable resource. But words alone will not do the trick—especially across cultural boundaries. In times of globalisation it is paramount to find the perfect stimuli. 

The point is to address your employees–the people who work for you worldwide—to integrate them and attach them to your company. That being under consideration of their respective background.

We support you in the communication with your international teams—in Germany and worldwide. In cooperation with you we find the perfect wording and messages—and deliver them to your target groups.

Grassroots System—the right method for sustainable brand communication

Companies are only as strong as the brand they represent. Short innovation cycles and changes in the company’s structures and personnel will result in knowledge gaps regarding the company’s products, core competences and history. Vital company knowledge and know-how that is an important part of the corporate culture may be lost in the process. It is essential to prevent this from happening and to actively incorporate this knowledge in the company’s marketing activities. After all, a brand’s identity is closely linked to its origins and shaped by its history. Knowing about the evolution of a company is fundamental to consistent and credible corporate communication. We help companies exploit their brand tradition.

We offer a method that considers your company as a whole, explores previously unidentified knowledge, bundles this knowledge and makes it transparent. The grassroots system: a 3-phase systematic process for knowledge creation.

We develop targeted, tailor-made guidelines, define communication measures and implement these measures in close co-operation with your staff.

The first phase consists of intensive research, using marketing and journalistic methods, whereby the main focus is on the client’s specific requirements. The results of this research are then analysed and consolidated in a “think tank”. We oversee this information-intensive process for a period of time specified by the client. On the basis of the think tank, we then develop a topic-based model for the future.

In the second phase, we develop solutions for the company as well as communication strategies.

During the third and final phase, we help you implement your new communication strategy. This phase also comprises the final evaluation and, at the same time, serves as a monitoring and quality assurance tool for all measures. Quantity and quality checks are constantly conducted to ensure we achieve the communication goal set out.

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